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Entity - Al Gore
5 mentions (2 found by coreference resolution)
Variants detected: 3
  • Al Gore: 3
  • citizen: 1
  • Al: 1
Mentions in articles: 1
Sentiment: 0
Mentions in comments: 4
Sentiment: 9
  • qualified: 1
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0 4.6 0
Oprah Winfrey for president: a wild idea that just got dramatically more real
The entertainment entrepreneur’s electrifying speech at the Golden Globes produced an outpouring of reaction urging the celebrity to run in 2020
Mentions in articles: 1 (positive: 0, neutral: 1, negative: 0) Mentions in comments: 0 (positive: 0, neutral: 0, negative: 0)
Oprah Winfrey: one of the world's best neoliberal capitalist thinkers
Oprah is appealing because her stories hide the role of political, economic and social structures in our lives. They make the American dream seem attainable
Mentions in articles: 0 (positive: 0, neutral: 0, negative: 0) Mentions in comments: 4 (positive: 1, neutral: 3, negative: 0)