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Entity - Frank Lampard
5 mentions (4 found by coreference resolution)
Variants detected: 3
  • Lampard: 3
  • Frank Lampard: 1
  • midfielder: 1
Mentions in articles: 4
Sentiment: -11
Mentions in comments: 1
Sentiment: 0
  • blockbuster: 1
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0 5.5 0
Jack Harrison's England U-21 call-up is the feelgood story US soccer needs
The midfielder was born in the UK but his career was made in America. As the US game struggles on the world stage fans need all the comfort they can get
Mentions in articles: 4 (positive: 0, neutral: 3, negative: 1) Mentions in comments: 1 (positive: 0, neutral: 1, negative: 0)