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Entity - Philip Hammond
6 mentions (3 found by coreference resolution)
Variants detected: 3
  • Philip Hammond: 3
  • secretary: 2
  • Hammond: 1
Mentions in articles: 5
Sentiment: 0
Mentions in comments: 1
Sentiment: -39
  • slowdown: 1
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0 19.5 0
Climate change, AI and harassment – the hottest topics at this year’s Davos
Climate change, AI and women’s issues are on the agenda but the US premier’s keynote speech will no doubt cause the biggest buzz, writes Richard Partington
Mentions in articles: 1 (positive: 0, neutral: 1, negative: 0) Mentions in comments: 0 (positive: 0, neutral: 0, negative: 0)
Russia is biggest threat to UK since cold war, says head of British army
Gen Sir Nick Carter gives stark warning of ‘complex and capable security challenge’ for Nato
Mentions in articles: 4 (positive: 0, neutral: 4, negative: 0) Mentions in comments: 0 (positive: 0, neutral: 0, negative: 0)
Top 1% of Australians own more wealth than bottom 70% combined
Australia now has 33 billionaires, up from 14 since before the global financial crisis in 2008
Mentions in articles: 0 (positive: 0, neutral: 0, negative: 0) Mentions in comments: 1 (positive: 0, neutral: 0, negative: 1)