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Entity - Julian Assange
5 mentions (3 found by coreference resolution)
Variants detected: 2
  • Assange: 3
  • Julian Assange: 2
Mentions in articles: 5
Sentiment: 1
Mentions in comments: 0
Sentiment: 0
  • cheerleader: 1
  • leak: 1
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0 0.7 0
Chelsea Manning: 'I'm a very different person than I was 10 years ago'
In her first interview since announcing a Senate run, Chelsea Manning discusses the long road to freedom, and why she’s determined to seize her moment
Mentions in articles: 5 (positive: 1, neutral: 3, negative: 1) Mentions in comments: 0 (positive: 0, neutral: 0, negative: 0)