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Sam Shepard was wild at heart and mapped the American soul
From Paris, Texas to Buried Child, Shepard’s writing hits you in the gut. He never failed to show audiences something they’d never seen before
Articles: 4 (Rank: 15)
Tonality: 5.25
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Comments: 456
Tonality: 9.298245
  • From Paris, Texas to Buried Child, Shepard’s writing hits you in the gut.
  • Buried Child is an “American family play”, but it’s also one that bucks and kicks against the tropes of those plays with howls of violence and anger.
  • One of his earliest great plays, Geography of a Horse Dreamer, was staged at the Royal Court after Shepard moved to London in the early 70s.
  • • Samuel Shepard Rogers, writer and actor, born 5 November 1943; died 27 July 2017
  • A straw man argument crowbarred onto the end of a piece celebrating his life and work.
  • RIP Sam Shepard, saw Lie of the Mind at the Royal Court back in 1987 with Miranda Richardson , Great stuff, talented man.
  • So sad that a great playwright and actor has died.
  • So too Sam Shepard- his sadness and sensitivity made him more real than the average actor.
  • What a great actor, always enjoyed his movies.
  • A true great and an icon in American theatre, he will be truly missed.
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Sam Shepard was wild at heart and mapped the American soul

From Paris, Texas to Buried Child, Shepard’s writing hits you in the gut. He never failed to show audiences something they’d never seen before

Text length: 7036
Tonality: 7
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Comments: 35
Tonality: 15

Published: 1. 8. 2017 20:34:45


Mentioned entities: 21

  • It's almost like chastising August Wilson for writing plays without any significant white or Asian characters.
  • I remember driving to Paris, Texas with the intention of staying overnight, having a meal and a couple of beers.
  • Four reasons for remembering Sam Shepard most fondly: 1.
  • I ask because this silence is frustrating since American drama and comedy and sweetly romantic genres tend to ignore the centrality of whiteness as a fundamentally American (or Anglo-American if you like).
  • A bootleg copy of 'Black Hawk Down', in which he as General Garrison talks with his captive about a reward for the capture of the Somali General Aideed.
Sam Shepard: the man who conquered Broadway and Hollywood

The Pulitzer-winning playwright and Oscar-nominated actor leaves behind a vast career that took him from stage to screen and back again

Text length: 5358
Tonality: -6
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Comments: 96
Tonality: 15

Published: 1. 8. 2017 16:55:04


Mentioned entities: 37

  • Very sad news An extraordinary playwright - wonderful, tumultuous theatre amongst his other amazing talents Go well and in peace.
  • Lie of the Mind is a brilliant play- go see it or listen to it if you have a chance.
  • Some great performances and a true American great ....
  • It took on a saloon-like quality in the little town that was made over for one of the main sets- Midway.
  • Almost all of us will die sometime between the ages of 65 and 95 - Shepard was well within that cohort.
Sam Shepard obituary

Playwright, actor and director who exposed the gap between myth and reality in American life

Text length: 11046
Tonality: 5
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Comments: 21
Tonality: 7

Published: 1. 8. 2017 23:00:21


Mentioned entities: 42

  • As a non-white person, I was somewhat reflecting on the same issue.
  • Accompanying himself on ukulele while singing "Sam Hall" on Horseback in Blackthorn was an astonishing feat.
  • I now remember him as the general back at the aerodrome base camp in Black Hawk Down.
  • This discourse was, however, and thanks to wide white dominance, superlatively promoted to the status of one-size-fit-all discourse.
  • In this perspective, we could mention such writers as Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison or James Baldwin as people that also mapped the American soul, through their own glasses.
Sam Shepard, playwright and actor, dies age 73

The Pulitzer prize winning writer and star of stage and screen, known for performances in The Right Stuff and Bloodline, died in his home in Kentucky

Text length: 3126
Tonality: 15
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Comments: 304
Tonality: 7

Published: 1. 8. 2017 19:29:30


Mentioned entities: 78

  • Not american myself but as a kid it was Sam Shepherd I wanted to be like.
  • The character is the "boss" and you feel that but Shepard is so diffident with the character, you sense the "boss" doesn't want to be.
  • I was watching Shepard the other night in the wonderful science fiction thriller, Midnight Special.
  • As the eldest son of a US Army officer (and WWII bomber pilot), Shepard spent his early childhood moving from base to base around the US until finally settling in Duarte, California.
  • Amazing man with a plethora of talent in so many ways!