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Can you solve it? Riddles inspired by card tricks
Riffle shuffle your brain cells with three of a kind
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Comments: 26
Tonality: 11.5
  • Tunnel Traffic A boulder falls onto a mountain road, temporarily blocking access to a tunnel.
  • Both teams line up in age order but Team A starts the race with a little kid as their captain and Team B starts the race with an elderly woman as their captain.
  • If the box has 4 more black pieces than white pieces, this guarantees two points for the hustler, meaning the final score will be 4-4, or a higher scoring draw.
  • The traffic jam consists of eighteen white cars and eighteen black cars.
  • I missed the crucial words "Both teams line up in age order" :-( Actually, I was convinced in no place there was reference to any order.
  • As so often, the difficulty lies not in finding a solution but understanding what is meant because of the ambiguous wording, this week even more so than others.
  • I always find with your puzzles, that I think I have an answer, and then it turns out I have it all arse about face!
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Did you solve it? Riddles inspired by card tricks

The answers to today’s puzzles

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Comments: 13
Tonality: 7

Published: 28. 8. 2017 18:03:20


Mentioned entities: 2

  • Even though Mr Bellows said these were easier than his usual puzzles I'm thoroughly chuffed to have got 1 and 3 right.
  • These puzzles are let down by use of English most weeks I find.
  • During the course of the race, the captains change six times between the two teams.
  • Judging from the number of comments this column attracts each week - very few - and those often going on about the questions being badly phrased, it really does seem that nobody gives a toss about these puzzles.
  • It's fascinating, I love all those commenters who explain patiently when the article was not outspoken enough for my feeble female brain, and I loathe all those who post solutions on article one ...
Can you solve it? Riddles inspired by card tricks

Riffle shuffle your brain cells with three of a kind

Text length: 4292
Tonality: 11
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Comments: 13
Tonality: 16

Published: 28. 8. 2017 18:04:55


Mentioned entities: 0

  • Used to play rummy with my best friend till late in the night during the school holidays.
  • *No, moderators, this is NOT atopical, see Mr Bellos' request: NO SPOILERS.
  • Some of those I have received via Postcrossing (yes, it is still going strong, thanks for asking) are puzzles.
  • I had a rebus card and a jigsaw puzzle from Taiwan.
  • Only one was ever maths related: "No, dear Mathematics, we cannot search your x for you.