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Corbynites hope leftwinger will emerge to stand for Scottish Labour leadership
Senior Westminster figures hope for influx of new members into Scottish party following Kezia Dugdale’s surprise departure
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  • Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Labour leader, said: “I’d like to thank Kezia Dugdale for her work as Scottish Labour leader and the important role she has played in rebuilding the party in Scotland.
  • Editorial: She was the party’s eighth leader in 18 years.
  • Ms Dugdale’s time as leader can hardly be judged a success.
  • Labour’s eighth Scottish leader in the 18 years since devolution has been in charge at Holyrood since after the 2014 independence referendum.
  • Corbyn plays differently in Scotland to England, and any new leader of Scottish Labour will have to put Scottish interests not only first, but solely above national (UK) politics.
  • This Wings over Scotland story is a bit pathetic.
  • Support for Corbyn and Labour will grow in Scotland.
  • Put simply, Labour need to register the largest vote share in order to be the largest party at Holyrood (a 12% swing from the SNP) and there is no realistic chance of that happening.
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What’s next for Scottish Labour after Kezia Dugdale’s exit?

The left is a crowded marketplace in Scotland and it’s best not to make assumptions, says Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland

Text length: 3760
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Comments: 586
Tonality: 3

Published: 30. 8. 2017 17:07:14


Mentioned entities: 55

  • The future PM of greater Islington's trip to Scotland has been widely mocked by those living outside the unionist media bubble.
  • Corbyn’s successful trip to Scotland last week, in which he played to packed houses in 18 constituencies Um, I'd call this a startling piece of revisionism, Jonathan.
  • This Wings over Scotland story is a bit pathetic.
  • Can' believe Scots are putting their hopes in Labour again.
  • The leader of Labour in Scotland is a representative of a Scottish constituency, whether MP, MSP or MEP.
Kezia Dugdale resigns as Scottish Labour party leader

Members call decision ‘bolt from the blue’ but officials say talk linking it with Corbyn’s recent tour of Scotland inevitable

Text length: 4790
Tonality: 10
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Comments: 292
Tonality: 3

Published: 30. 8. 2017 13:09:06


Mentioned entities: 32

  • Kezia The sooner Scottish Labour returns to socialism, the better.
  • Labour in Scotland is essentially a nonentity, they are behind the Tories in number of seats in Holyrood, that says it all really.
  • Seems like a shame, she seemed a very capable, sincere person and dragged Scottish Labour out of the gutter at the last election.
  • Corbyn just finished a tour of Scotland preaching his ideas to a country that he thought was a region of England.
  • If Labour want to challenge the SNP but still oppose independence then they need to offer Scotland a full federal settlement for the nation instead of looking like watered down Tories.
Corbynites hope leftwinger will emerge to stand for Scottish Labour leadership

Senior Westminster figures hope for influx of new members into Scottish party following Kezia Dugdale’s surprise departure

Text length: 5831
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Comments: 997
Tonality: 1

Published: 30. 8. 2017 20:25:20


Mentioned entities: 252

  • "Corbynites hope leftwinger will emerge to stand for Scottish Labour leadership"
  • My definition of extremist is someone who puts ideology over practical, workable policy.
  • "Sarwar effective operator at Holyrood"
  • Malcolm Chisholm (also english) would have made a fantastic leader for Scottish labour, a genuinely principled non-sectarian man but unfortunately retired.
  • So Labour under Corbyn got annihilated in the GE and now Labour in Scotland should appoint a Corbynite leader?
The Guardian view on Kezia Dugdale’s resignation: good for her, not for Scotland

Editorial: She was the party’s eighth leader in 18 years. She lost many big battles. But she also showed Scottish Labour a way back

Text length: 3494
Tonality: 16
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Comments: 548
Tonality: 2

Published: 30. 8. 2017 23:00:28


Mentioned entities: 86

  • I greatly doubt that Labour will revive themselves in Scotland under Ms Dugdale, or anyone else.
  • The Scottish Labour Party and Kezia never really saw eye to eye.
  • People voted for Scottish Labour despite Kezia Dugdale, nit because of her.
  • In fact she literally advocated voting Tory instead of SNP, a ridiulous misstep which is hardly likely to endear her to potential Labour voters who have moved to SNP.
  • Scotland is one of England's last colonies.
The end of Scottish Labour’s civil war? Don’t bet on it

Taking the helm of faction-prone Scottish Labour won’t be easy, says Ruth Wishart

Text length: 4726
Tonality: 1
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Comments: 614
Tonality: 2

Published: 30. 8. 2017 19:06:25


Mentioned entities: 63

  • There was hardly any left left in the Westminster Labour party, but Corbyn stood for the leadership, won and now the left of the party is rejuvenated.
  • As long as Scottish Labour members continue to applaud the Scottish Tories when they win a SNP seat they will not obtain support in Scotland.
  • Alex Rowley taking his seat on the NEC as interim leader of Scottish labour gives Jeremy Corbyn a majority, just in time for the Labour party conference.
  • After the Progress inspired shambles in Scotland loeading to the near wipe out of 2015 , & the turnaround instigated by Corbyn's election campaign , its a no brainer .
  • In fact, it's really atypical of the Guardian's usual commentary on Scotland.
Corbynites in Scottish Labour call for 'comradely' leadership battle

Campaign for Socialism urges supporters to prevent repeat of civil war that split UK party, as list of likely candidates shrinks

Text length: 3351
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Comments: 101
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Published: 1. 9. 2017 00:16:07


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  • Shortly after this act of enormous generosity, Sarwar found himself propelled to the top of the Glasgow List, and virtually guaranteed a seat in Holyrood.
  • An insight into the level of political debate in the Labour party.
  • I don't know enough about Scottish politics to comment.
  • Thousands of old Labour members have rejoined the party since JC became leader who left during the Blair Stalinist era.
  • No. Just reverse the meaning to get at the truth.
Who will replace Kezia Dugdale? Some possible leadership candidates

After the Scottish Labour leader’s surprise resignation, the way is open for a leader more sympathetic to the Corbyn project

Text length: 3582
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Published: 30. 8. 2017 15:59:28


Mentioned entities: 7