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Emmanuel Macron's popularity slumps again
Poll shows French president’s ‘dissatisfaction rating’ among voters rising to 57%, up from 43% in July
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  • The Ifop poll showed the cumulative drop in Macron’s popularity ratings since May was bigger than that of previous Socialist president François Hollande over the same period.
  • Macron, France’s youngest leader since Napoleon, faces a big test next month when the far-left CGT trade union leads a rally to protest against plans to deregulate the labour market.
  • Macron took to battling with eastern Europe to show he’s on the side of French workers, not EU technocrats.
  • Macron is looking to emulate the failed "british model".
  • But my interpretation is the opposite: those reforms that Hollande begun and Macron is trying to finish will empoverish the French working class (i.e. the French people).
  • Macron had the guts to attack Le Pen and her lies in the TV debate, which he, a political neophyte, won easily against a seasoned politician.
  • The French unions are for France, the last defence against the tyranny of international finance.
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Macron will never be Europe’s saviour if he keeps playing to the populists

The new French leader was seen as being key to the EU but instead he has been scapegoating it, says Guardian columnist Natalie Nougayrède

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Published: 28. 8. 2017 14:47:44


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  • And while an estimated 40% of Macron's votes in the second round were against her, the rest were for him.
  • Macron is a very successful example of the way companies work now.
  • The French people are not fooled by any of this. ...
  • Obsourne, a certifiable idiot is an economic genius then for doubling the debt.
  • This proofs that he is neither one or the other just as he said from the beginning, uniting moderate right wing and left wing.
Emmanuel Macron's popularity slumps again

Poll shows French president’s ‘dissatisfaction rating’ among voters rising to 57%, up from 43% in July

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Published: 28. 8. 2017 11:07:12


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